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So far I have not been able to get my Fedderson sporter to shoot worth a darn. I had it reblued and it is beautiful now but I wish I had found out how it shot before I had it blued. Now the barrel means so much to me because of the 94 year old gunsmith that did the work I do not want to replace it:

Kinda pretty stock too:

Have not been shooting in over a year since I do not belong to the club anymore since moving 100 miles away. Have to find a range around here. I have the use of the back yard 75 yard range where the pictures were taken but I just can not get comfortable to shoot off a picnic table. So I have this beautiful rifle that, so far, will not shoot well enough to be interesting to me!! It also probably cost me more than any other rimfire I own and that hurts too!

As the old saying attributed to Townsend Whelan goes "Only accurate rifles are interesting" Thing is it is probably good enough for 99% of the 10/22 shooters but I have come to expect so much more with my other SuperStock rifles. In fact there were two duds in a row with expensive barrels as the rifle we built for Sophia would not shoot worth a crap with the original Shilen Sporter!! That is about 4 dud Shilens I have heard of (all sporters I do not know about their .920 barrels but with this horrible taste in my mouth from THIS one I will not find out either! You would think when you pay that much money for a barrel (it was sent back to Shilen and was no better when it came back) you would get at least a "good" barrel but neither the Shilen nor the Fedderson will shoot with a bone stock Ruger Target barrel.

We ended up buying Sophia a KIDD barrel. All the rest of the rifle except the amazing stock is KIDD and I am no KIDD fanboy but it was worthless with the Shilen.

The WORST GMHT barrel I have ever seen myself would shoot groups half the size of these two tomato stakes. I guess I should try some other stuff to make the Fedderson shoot but after two bricks of expensive ammo it is hard to justify wasting more!

Sorry for the rant but if it saves one person some hard earned money it is worth it. I am not ready to throw Fedderson under the bus but Shilen is a dead subject!
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