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I'm all for the you ruined them, you replace them method but good luck with that.

If I wanted to salvage them and I would, I would simply cut the stitching out on each side of the filler tubes until I could get the sand out and then place them in a dry place out of the sun, preferably inside this time of year, and put a fan to running on them. Leather does not appreciate heat. You should be able to soften the leather up by working it with your hands after it's dry. I wouldn't oil the bags. The type of leather Procktor uses will get soft and stretchy with oil. Neatsfoot oil is good for some types of leather, bad for other types.

After they are dry restitch what you cut out and refill the bags. Then I would apply neutral Meltonian shoe creme which will soften and restore the leather but won't be oily.
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