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Originally Posted by 284wahoo View Post
"Pinch point of pressure in the neck wall". That is a very interesting statement. Can you ellaberate please? Is this a concern unique to boat tails? Is it a concern any time the boat tail is seated above the neck base? How does it manifest?
If you seat the boat tail so that the boat tail junction is up in the neck, then you get the triangle donut shape. It is this sharp point shape that concerns me. Point shapes and pressure can do strange things. Where as if the junction of the boat tail with the bearing surface and the shoulder to neck, then you have a much broader angle and less stress.

I am an electrical engineer, not mechanical so maybe it is much ado about nothing. It is something that I have avoided in my reloading. I only have about 15 years of reloading making me a youngster compared to others here.

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