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Originally Posted by 284wahoo View Post
So what is this "1 bullet diameter" rule?
Never heard of it. I have heard 1/2 of a diameter as a minimum. The neck length in a 284 Winchester is about 0.285, so you would have to use the whole length to follow that one diameter rule. Not at all necessary. To shoot different bullets, with boat tails and flat base, and the very long low drag, you need room to adjust to each bullet.

My target would be to keep all bullets of interest with the base or start of boat tail no lower than the start of the neck, and a minimum of half the neck in. As mentioned before you can stretch that some, for target use anyway.

As dstoenner mentions, the VLD bullets will often do well with a jump, while the newer Hybrid Bergers like to be seated closer to the lands. Some more info here.

A .284 Winchester is a nice cartridge by the way. I would plan it for more than a 140 grain to take advantage of the 168 and 180 grain low form factor bullets that are on the market though. 140 grain is a nice bullet weight for a 6.4x284, but a little light for a 7mm. Ballistics suffer.

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