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Originally Posted by dstoenner View Post
There is no minimum amount of bullet that has to be in the neck. I have a rule of thumb that as Ron has said with flat based bullets I will seat them out to the point of having at least 1 caliber in the neck. in your case .284. With boat tails I will go to where the boat tail meets the bearing surface of the bullet and the neck meets the shoulder. That way you don't get a pinch point of pressure in the neck wall.

Another point that I have found is that the further you seat bullets out, generally the more runout (bullet wobble as you roll it) you get. I have tested that seating my 223 .010 deeper makes lower runout in the whole batch.

Sometimes you have to just jump bullets. Bullets with tangent ogives generally are jump tolerant especially compared to VLD's (secant ogives). Note that a-Maxes are VLD in nature though Hornady doesn't call them that.

"Pinch point of pressure in the neck wall". That is a very interesting statement. Can you ellaberate please? Is this a concern unique to boat tails? Is it a concern any time the boat tail is seated above the neck base? How does it manifest?
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