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Thanks for the replies. I haven't started yet, but I plan at some point to try resizing the necks only, going about 3/4 of the way down. However since these are hunting rounds fed from a magazine, they need to be fairly robust. If the neck sizing that far does not give me a solid hold on the bullet I will forgo that technique.

The bbl twist is suitable for the lighter bullet I will be trying, and the overall length of that bullet is .009" shorter from ogive to base. That difference in length can be made up in how deep I seat with enough neck remaining to hold the bullet well I think.

I'm using a 140 gr boat tail as my main bullet right now. Have been shooting this bullet well now in this rifle for 20 years. Have that bullet seated so that the start of the boat tail is about in line with the bottom of the case neck. Distance from ogive to the lands is a whopping .076". I generally get 3/4 to 1" groups at 100 yrds though.

So all this also applies to another calculation I'm playing with. I've ordered up another rifle to be built to my specs, also in 284 Win. Since I plan to shoot 120-140 grn Sierra hunting bullets in it, I'm trying figure out how I'd like the 140gr cartridge lengths to be, and how much longer I want the bbl throat cut to. I'm thinking the throat ought to be something like .010 from ogive to lands with the 140 gr loaded to use the entire case neck. That gives me a little play forward and reareard to find the sweet spot without giving up much in either neck contact or case capacity.

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