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Bullet seating question

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I'm familiar somewhat with how to find the maximum seating of the bullet related to ogive contact with the lands on a specific bbl. What I'm unclear on, is what would be considered maximum outward seating of a bullet in a given case regarding the safe or structural integrity of the loaded cartridge. I'm working up a 284 Win load for a custom built rifle which has the chamber cut with a throat longer than I'm compfortable getting within .020 away from lands with certain bullets. I'm loading lighter bullets than the builder planned for.

My question here is this:
How far out in the neck is too far to seat a bullet? My sence is that I ought not seat bullet any further out than the base of the bullet even eith the base of the neck. That would allow full bullet to neck contact for the entire length of the neck. In the case of a 284Win, the neck is relatively short, so this would seem especially so in this case. The cartridge is used in a bolt action box magazine, bullets are hunting loads.
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