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I have a Mark 2 and 2 Volquartson Scorpions (Ruger clones). Also a new S&W Victory. Going forward, Ruger needs to do something. Too many issues with their current guns. Marginal factory trigger, inability to swap barrels, serial # on the barrel and difficult field strip procedure come to mind immediately. None of this seems be present on the Victory. Sure, it has some issues for a small # of their guns, takedown screws mostly, either comes loose or won't loosen. However, seems quite isolated, and going fwd, the type of thing easily fixed by S&W. The Ruger issues are not so minor (triggers cost a few $$, no real way to fix the other issues).

Ruger has done so well, IMHO, because it is super reliable, and the aftermarket, e.g. Volquartson, Tandemkross, Clark, etc have provided means to improve to a competitive level. Plus, no real competition left. As the aftermarket gets up to speed with the new Victory (as is happening now) I think Mark 3 sales will give a bunch to the Victory. Its just too easy to hotrod the Victory.

I like Ruger and really really hope they come out with a well thought out Mark4.
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