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Tanfoglio Appeal bullpup

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I just picked up this neat little .22 mag but when searching for more info on the gun came to realize there's not a lot out there. I figured I'd contribute what I could, so here's some photos of the internals and my opinion of it so far.

It looks a lot like a G22, but takedown is way less complicated. There's no screws to mess with, instead you pull the charging handle out then push three pins with a punch or screwdriver and just pull the upper off the lower receiver. That leaves you with this:

There's three guide rods, two stainless on each side of the bolt then a third blued rod in the center upon which the recoil spring rides. They both come out without any tools, the center is held in by spring tension while the outer rods just have a slight friction fit into the receiver. After that you just unscrew the long telescoping bolt weight from right in front of where the charging handle is normally located, and the bolt can be removed as well. From this side you can also get an idea of how the trigger transfer bar system works:

As far as I can tell, that's really far as you'd need to strip it down for cleaning.

It's pretty light at 4.8 lbs unloaded, and measures just over 26" if you remove the stock spacers and useless plastic "brake" that comes installed. I've only put about 80 rounds through it so far, a mixture of CCI Maxi Mag and old PMC Predator, but it shot both without fail. Trigger weighs about 6.6 lbs as per my scale, which is on the heavy side but it has a VERY short takeup/reset and breaks clean so it's not at all bad for a bullpup. The sights are functional but not great so I don't know what it's really capable of accuracy wise, although using the irons it did blow up soda cans at about 50 yards without fail. Since then I've removed the rear sight to mount a Nikon 1-4x as low and as far back as possible on the weird FAMAS-esque carry handle rail, so we'll see how it shoots when I have some free time and it's not 100+ degrees outside
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