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Originally Posted by bob finger View Post
You do not define exactly what target you are shooting at so it is very difficult to asses a solution to your problem.

Me I like using the ARA target, it is shot for score not group, for practice for lots of reasons but one is each bull is contained within a square. That square gives you 4 distinct aiming points per bull, and 8 if you use the center of each line lining up the scope with the line (horizontal or vertical and the center dot) giving 4 x 25 = 100 or 8 x 25 = 200 clear aiming points in addition to the 25 record bulls and the sighter bulls. (you of course would not want to do that in competition). One target can last a looong time saving walks to change targets, waiting for line cold commands etc.

Since you say you shoot groups you do NOT want poi and poa to be equal. If you obliterate your poa with a shot where are you gonna put the scope dot for the next shot?

Responses could be much different if you tell us which specific target you are using. bob

THIS is the target to which I refer in my original post. That's all I've ever used, but I have downloaded one of the ARA targets you mention to see how it works for me. The issue I have with the targets I have been using is the center "O" is a little large at 50 yards for my Weaver T36's dot at 50 yards, so I need to find a target with a smaller center "O".

So I still have my original question about where to aim with the target in my link above.........
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