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Can't answer your question but I can offer a suggestion . . . . take your inner brass magazine tube and a .22 cleaning rod and push the follower/spring with the cleaning rod up into the magazine tube until it stops (gently). Mark the rod at the end of the tube and then pull it out and measure it. See how that measurement corresponds to the total length of the shorts (maximum capacity of loads).

I didn't check Henry's site to see what they list as maximum capacity for shorts but if your measurement on the rod is less than total length of maximum rounds, perhaps the follower or spring is hanging up for some reason on the inside of the magazine tube.

If it's O.K. with LRs, it should be for shorts as well. Regardless of model, it should work with either cartridge with no problem. I shave the H001Y and both LR and Shorts function perfect in it in regards to max. capacity.
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