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part 3

Now we need to take the extractor from the bolt.. Just lift it out of the slot.

Now, you need to remove metal from the tip of the extractor so that it won't make contact to the chamber when the bolt's forward.. Grind or file a bit off, put the extractor back in the bolt, and put the bolt back in the receiver to test for contact.. If it's still making contact, pull it back out (takes seconds) and take a bit more off.. Remember, you can't put metal back on when you take it off, so take your time..

When it's not making contact anymore..

Once everything is good, put your bolt back in after cleaning everything, and lubing..

Grab the cassette and before installing the 4 little screws, put some Loctite 242 or medium thread loc on them to keep them from backing out while in use.

Tighten them down, and reinstall the action back into the gun. Don't put loctite on the action screws.. Just remember which goes to the front and back, and tighten down..

Once back together, run a couple of mags through the gun to verify operation.

And enjoy that T/C .22 Classic for years to come!!!

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