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Dancz's CZ/Brno collection......

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So… I was wondering if anyone was interested in seeing a few updated pics of some of the Czech’s I have.

Trouble is that they are not all rimfire. While I still have to take photos of many more, I do have around 130 done so far. They are only quick snaps of various angles and parts so that I have them on my phone when looking for things I don’t have.

First question is, does anyone even want to see them?

Second is, should I extend it out to all the different types of Czech’s that I have or should I keep it to only the 45 or so rimfires I have?

Third question for Gerald before I post any at all, do you want it restricted to just the rimfires? Don’t want to upset the apple cart here. Of course I will not be posting all the other makes that I have as I appreciate that this is purely for the Czech’s but there are people that may not have seen some of the different models of CZ’s / BRNOs etc.