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Originally Posted by Floater View Post
WOW ... LOVE that sling ...

... I use 550 cord as boot laces, and to wrap tac-knife & machete handles and anywhere else I can fit it into my "weight budget" (including extra bundles, in my 3-day pack and a full spool, behind the back seat, of my truck.

I do not suppose you can do a YT vid, showing us how to "braid" it ??

I know you don't want that front clip to rattle ! ... You can use cammo duct-tape ...

I am wonderring exactly how that quad-rail attaches to the gun and which after-stocks will work with it and which ones will NOT ...

... Where can I get ALL the info/instructions/docs/reviews ????......
Floater, the sling technically isn't made of 550, but of a similar wider diameter cord. I did use black 550 for the adjuster attached to the snap. The braid is called a cobra stitch, and is already on youtube. There are some that will give you estimates of how much cord is needed as well.

As for the rail, it attaches via the receiver top screws, all four usually but I chopped the rear to fit the tech sights. Also there is a "barrel band" on the front end that clamps it to the stock, I had to modify my stock (compact) but they are made to fit the carbine. Unfortunately, it needs to be removed for serious cleaning/ disassembly, but I usually just bore snake her, until she gets real dirty. Search UTG quad rail, and you will find some info.
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