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Originally Posted by jungleman View Post
A friend of mine purchased a new Henry Pump .22 H003T.
He tells me that when you change the hammer from cocked to half-cocked (safety) the bold releases. He found this out accidently when he was having light primer strikes on some cases. Some rounds would fire. I have looked this up and this is how the rifle is designed. He contacted Henry and they told him the rifle operates this way. I am sorry but I believe that any rifle designed in such a way that it will fire out of battery is inherently unsafe.

Well going on the Assumption that You Think that Henry is Mass Produceing an Unsafe Gun,, and That Your Friend should not be a shooting his Henry Pump H003T.

I would be willing to Test Your Friend's Gun for a Period of Time,, just to make sure that all is well. My Testing is Very Thurough. I would say for at least a Year of Plenty of Shooting to Make sure that you Gun is Fully Evaluated.

Please bear in mind,, that I'm not a Professional,, so naturally it will take a Whole lot's of Extra Testing to come to a Full Evaluation.

I've been a little curious about those Pump's and I would surely like to evaluate Your Friend's Gun. So Fret Not,, just Send Your Friend's Gun to me,, and I will fully Evaluate it for You and Your Friend,

PS ~ If Henry mass produced Gun's that were unsafe they would be Out of Business in a HeartBeat. All The Gun's that Henry Produce's have to meet Minimum Safety Standard's,, before they can ever be sold to the General Public.

Have Your Friend to Read the Owner's manual,, that came with the Gun,, and to Adhere to the Correct Procedure's for Operateing his Gun ~ That's My Advice. Or sell it to someone that will appreciate a Well Made FireArm.