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Looked it up where? I have same rifle. My theory on the light primer strikes is he is not racking the slide forward to home all the way, or after doing so is pulling back on the slide a bit and then pulling the trigger. While gun is full cocked and I pull the slide back it won't open, but then while pulling the trigger with my thumb on the hammer and let hammer down easy, I can feel the hammer hang up on the trigger at the half cock. That's why I think slide must be fully forward. I have experienced no FTF or FTE, and firing pin strike looks decent/normal.
I also noticed while holding the trigger back and racking the slide the hammer will fall all the way, leading me to believe the gun would slam fire. Tried this with live ammo and it wouldn't slam fire.
It's one of the few lever/slide action guns that's strong enough for 22Mag.

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