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In case some of you are wondering why this thread is closed, the OP posted an extremely vitriolic attack on RFC and myself, complete with threats, which I have deleted. It was completely uncalled for, especially in light of the fact that I helped to keep his thread open.

I have PM'd him in case this was some sort of aberration due to his circumstances and the lateness of the hour at which he posted.

His reply, or other further action, will determine his status here at RFC. I have given him more chances than some, but we will not tolerate threats to ourselves or any of our users. There are lots of boards out there. If one is not a good fit, try another.But why try to ruin the experience for others? He states that he is a mod on some other board. I'm betting he would not allow the kind of backstabbing post that he is guilty of.

Just an FYI.