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benchresting skinny fore end stocks

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I've seen people talking in the various forums about phenomenal groups they've gotten from one kind of gun or another, often a CZ 452 American or a IZ Biathlon Basic.

Are they(you) shooting these guns 'as is', or are you changing out the stock for something w/ a 'proper' BR fore end? I've got a 452 American *and* a Biathlon Basic (great rifles, luv 'em!), but I can't for the life of me get even close to the groups I'm hearing/seeing people talking about.

I realize that some (ok, a lot) of it is the nut behind the trigger, so to speak, but I can't seem to shoot worth a hoot off a rest w/ a stock that just wants to flop around in my Sinclair windage adjustable benchrest. The front rest I have was about the right size for a Rem700VS or a 40XB-KS. Do I need to get a different front rest, get one of the 'add-on' plates like a Hart's Accuracy Asset, something else, what?


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