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Question Anschutz 1712 Bolt Disassembly

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I got one of the Wolff firing pin springs for my new 1712 at the last silhouette match and was going to put it in last night. The problem is that I can't get my bolt apart. According to the user manual, it's as simple as removing the bolt from the rifle, cocking it (that was accomplished by lifting the bolt handle to remove the bolt from the rifle), and then just lifting the rear shroud straight up and off. Well, that just ain't the case with this one and logic says it can't be that easy with any of them or the rear shroud would just fall off anytime you cycled the action. Pressing in the little thing at the base of the bolt handle didn't help either. What am I missing here? There's got to be some little detail that I'm not doing right. If it helps, feel free to point out similarities to other bolts that I'm accustomed to like Mauser, Rem 700, Savage, etc.
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