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Originally Posted by Eagle0199 View Post
I couldn't resist telling you about one of my older 32 pistols, the Dreyse Model 1907. It was designed by Louis Schmeisser of Schmeisser machinegun fame.

It's a striker-fired unlocked breech design strongly influenced by the 1900 Browning. The pistol had an interesting feature for the time: When the gun was ready to fire, the firing pin projected slightly through the back of the breech block, serving as an early handgun-cocking indicator. For cleaning, the slide pivoted forward from the frame, on a pin in front of the trigger guard. The weapon is 6 1/4 long, 4 5/16 high, and7/8 at the grip panels.

This particular weapon is a World War II capture pistol. The pistol has two magazines and the original flapped leather holster, along with the original stamped bringback paperwork. My father brought it back from Germany at the end of WWII and it is priceless to me.
Now that is cool! Thanks for posting the pictures.
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