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Kimber was one of the first companies to try the external extractors. I believe they've gone to internal extractors now, because of many complaints about them.

I like the internal extractors personally, due to my familiarity with them, but the pistols I've owned that have external extractors have rarely given me any problems ( I did have to replace the extractor on a FEG PJK-9HP, but that was probably my fault, after converting it to .41AE, long ago).
I had to replace the extractor on a Colt .38 Super, once, too, lest I forget, but I'd monkeyed with it, too, swapping out a 9mm barrel in it.
Kimber tried to avoid issues with the internal extractors by using the external ones, but the "problems" with internal extractors are mostly a matter of knowing how to "adjust" them. A file stroke here and there, and a very careful "bend" for proper tension isn't hard to figure out.
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