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Searching for a blued bolt handle....

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Gents - Before I post in the WTB section and because I noticed GPC had different part numbers for different calibers.....I wanted to ask the more knowledgeable here first. Are the bolt handles only, the same for the 22 LR/22 Mag/17 HMR rifles? I'd like to swap the SS handle on my 77/22 M for an earlier blued bolt handle. Might anyone know of a source, all of the typical parts places (GPC, Brownell's, Midway) do not have them in stock and I bet it's the better part of 10-15 years since Ruger made the rifles with the blued bolt handles. I did send off an email to Clark, to see if they have any laying around, just haven't heard back yet. Appreciate any insight or help in finding one. Thanks Bill in MA
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