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Trying to get back into the game.

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Hi Everyone,

I'm a not-quite-old fart who wants to get back to shooting. It has been decades, so I figured I would relearn the basics, and to me, that means a .22 rifle.

Can the gurus out there help in recommending one? I like a light trigger, a synthetic stock, carbine if possible as there is a small but hopeful chance of me taking it out into the field, acceptable accuracy with basic ammo, and by that I mean stuff like Blazer and Federal. It is going to be a good while before I try some of that costly stuff to get real performance, right now it is just basic plinking/learning/hopefully improving.

Good customer service is a must, as I'm out in the boonies, a long way from any kind of local help if issues arise.

I'll need good glass, and am thinking an investment so I can use a future rifle out to 100 yards and paper punch. So even if it is overkill for the moment, higher magnification is better.

I'm not a brand snob, I don't know enough to be one. I have had my eye on Ruger's offerings, based on luck with past purchases.

Noticing the RAR, I liked the idea of the compact, 8306 (the threaded barrel made me think dipping my toe in the suppressor waters could be fun at a later date) and wondered why it is so much more expensive than the regular rifle? The compact also comes in a nice green as an exclusive version, 08334, bringing me to yet another question: how does one know if vendors are reputable or not? Is Carolina Firearms ok? I've used SMGA before with wonderful results, and of course there is Bud's.

So what is the consensus? Honestly, anything you can think of that I haven't said could help.

Any and all help is appreciated, as are all snarky and fun comments.

Thanks muchly,
the new guy
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