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Smile Stretching out .22lr to long distances

I am as opinionated as most. But I take a scientific approach to ammo testing. So, this is from my experiences...

If it isnít accurate at 50 yards, its isnít going to improve at 100 yards.

Low wind days outdoors on the 100 yard range are rare.

Even on a still day, group size moving from 50 to 100 yards is not the same MOA but the same MOA times 1.15 to 1.30 based on ammo quality, wind and such.

So your 0.50 group at 50 will translate to as much as 1.3Ē at 100.

SD in ammo velocity is almost meaningless as JALA said. Itís all ES.

But once you move to auto-loaders like 10/22ís there are other factors.

All my bolt guns shoot better with better ammo; more expensive, more consistent like Tenex, Midas. The lesser of these rifles may not show a huge difference going from $11 a box to $18 a box just because they will have enough flyers or spread already.

Again, autoloaders are different. My home assembled heavy barrel 10/22 likes R100 and SK flatnosed match just as much as Tenex. My $395 Ruger with the swirly barrel is the same.

When you do a physical exam of the bulk HV stuff it is obviously of poorer quality. When you shoot it, it is obviously of poorer quality.

I donít know about the aforementioned Winchester HV. And again R100 works decently well for me in bolt and autoloaders and in the autoloaders - so does Eley Force.

Cast bullets are prone to having issues of consistency of mass and of dynamic stability. These little .22 pills are very much that way.
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