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Originally Posted by jaia View Post
I've purchased the hi v 22lr in boxes of 50 and 100.
Fine for pistol or semiauto use at short range, but at 50 yards plus,
visible cartridge defects and MV spread produced less than satisfactory results.
I'd of enjoyed trying those consistent hi v you have at 200 yards,
just to compare to the match SV 22lr.
I like guns, I really like 22's, and I love shooting them. I have spent thousands on 22 ammo. At one point I shot over 25 different rifles using over 30 different brands and types of ammo. I don't remember exactly as I forgot the exact number of rifles and types of ammo. I have it all written down and charted. But what I got from it all is Remington barrels give a faster velocity and Remington barrels gave the best groups. So I sold all my other target rifles and focused on Remington. I have owned or own 6 40X's and 4 Springfield M2's. I dearly love the M2, By far the highest quality 22 I have ever handled and shot. Some may see it as a Armoury Trainer. I see it as a rifle that I can shoot with the factory receiver sights and hit 3/8" twigs at 50 yards with the sun behind me of course. I can hit the twigs 50% of the time. All my other 22's have to have scopes on them these days.

My first 22 I messed with was a Remington 510 barreled action I paid $7.50 for at a gun show when I was still in school. I carved out a stock for it. I drilled and tapped it for a scope and I spent the summer shooting Win. Super X ammo at prairie dogs at 200 yards. Toward the end of the summer I was hitting a prairie dog with every third shot. No one told me it can't be done so I went and did it.

I shot my first buck with a Wards Western Field 22 at 35 ft. using CCI mini mag HP ammo. He ran 40 yards and dropped. I admit I was lucky I didn't hit a rib going in. That was 50 years ago.

I hope to shoot at least another 20 years before I move on to the next world.
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