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Down here .22LR bulk ammo supply is irregular, so basically we shoot cheapest we can find.

15 years ago Thunderbolts were trash; lots of FTF, dirty fouling, poor reliability and performance and even a few cases of barrel bulging due to stuck bullets (A friend's Nylon was damaged because of this).

Nowadays they returned; gave them a try and so far no issues. In some guns their Winchester counterparts won't even chamber properly, but these will work 100% with pretty good accuracy considering price and intended use (Plinking and target practice). Pretty much the same performance expected from similar rounds from other manufacturers like CCI Blazers, Federal American Eagles, etc.

If Blazers are available for the same price would rather pick those;good accuracy for bulk-priced ammo and same bullet type (40gr. HVLRN) but as far as I know without so many detractors. Sadly, haven't been imported for a while.

Xpert22s have been my favorite small game hunting ammo for many years. Tried HVHP SK in my hunting guns (Zastava FS and CZ-455FS) and couldn't outperform the less expensive Winchesters. Also have detractors due to assorted reliability and performance issues but for me they work 100%. Haven't seen them for sale for some years over here but fortunately I hoarded a few boxes that should last for a while.

My advice is to buy a box each and give them a try to see how they work in your guns before sticking to a type/brand, but keeping a reasonable performance expectative according to their price and intended use....you might end up pleasently surprised with some.
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