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I had posted this in my ongoing experience with my very first RAR with the wood stock. Purchased it used at a great price and so far I like it, however read my post in my other thread below.

Well, I found a .22 brand my RAR/wood absolutely hates. Eley Hollow Point (Green box).

I am not an expert bench rest shooter....by a far margin. I do not have the support system set-up for precision work. However, I can still get groups at 50 yards to fit under a quarter with the equipment and table I have.
But Not with Eley HP. And I mean by a lot. Best group of 5 shots had a 2" spread and not one consistent hit. That brand shoots great out of my Henry's, CZ's and Remington's and even my Ruger 10/22 but the RAR/wood hates it.

The RAR/wood loves CCI Standards and Winchester Subsonic 42 Max HP. Quite a few group sessions with both the CCI and Winchester ammo resulted in 3/4" groups this weekend! Oh yes, put on a inexpensive 3x9-40 scope to get a better view. It helped.

I can be thankful it likes the inexpensive stuff.

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