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Originally Posted by gcrank1 View Post
Well done review. Certainly seems yours is above the curve for the price range.
Did you pull it down to do the typical innards tune?
Any actual chrono results? I recently did all of mine (might as well, I had the Chrony rig set up and they all needed exercise anyway), some were close to the mfg claims, others not.
Btw, in spite of me being in the USA I prefer the Brit velo's, Im not a hv air-gun fan.
My HW97K in .22cal. does 680fps with H&N FTTs and is cutting cloverleafs at 30yd. scoped and benched. The late model of the early RWS 45 IN .177 IS 830, faster than I like and a fair bit of spring twang and harder to cock than a break barrel should be.
I have had the rifle apart to give it a good clean, re-lube and tune.

It wasn't bad straight out of the box, but I just wanted to see how good it could be.

As we have a power limit for air rifles here in the UK (12ft.lbs), I set it to give me around 760 fps with an 8.4 grain pellet.

I would estimate from the swept volume of the cylinder you should be able to comfortably get over 800 fps from it without it being unpleasant.

I agree with not liking high velocity, however, I would qualify that by saying if a rifle is properly designed for higher power levels then they should be pleasant enough to shoot, e.g the HW80, or Beeman R1 as I understand it would be recognised in the US was designed to run around 20 ft.lbs energy, and it does this very nicely, by contrast the weak sprung UK import version of the HW80 feels clunky and sluggish to shoot.

I look at the marketing blurb for some of the cheap airguns where velocities of 1000fps plus are claimed and just have a chuckle.

High velocity with most of these just means you can miss the target quicker.
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