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found some loaded rounds for the Rem 222 COAL is 2.240 with 40gr. Hornady v-max.
Also measure my 17 HH magazine outside length is 2.270, naturally it has a internal block for a shorter 17 HH cartridge, much like rem or win, did to shorten internal magazine box.. Just don't know if the 527 magazine block is removable as the Remmy's and Win's were. Flangster stated the 223 mag was 1 tenth longer than the 222 mag. Is that a bottom metal issue, that one wont fit in the other? Or something else. Maybe I'm wrong but just don't see a company making 5-10 different magazines lengths for the same rifle (not cost effective) Blocking the internal length I can see. So the big question if I bought the 223 mag would it fit in the 222?
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