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Thanks for the help guys, it should be later part of week. I also have the a 527 American in 17HH and its a shooter rarely over .5 except when I'm not doing my part. But as you may know or not the wind here in Wyoming can be trouble some at times So why not get another 527 in 222 My Love affair with the triple deuce started in the 70's when played some benchrest. That was a 40x, it is long gone now. The only one I have now is an old Rem 600 Mohawk but it still shoots the hornady 40gr. V-Max in the .3-.4's with H335 and screams along at 3600 for such a short barrel. It's not pretty to look at but think I gave around 180.00 new back in the day.

Again thanks for your time, and have a great day.


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