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Originally Posted by 56S View Post
Oh man, I really should know the answers to your questions since my 527 has never seen factory ammo. From memory I can say there has never been any reloads that didn't fit in the mag....Within reason. Possibly a Nosler tipped bullet may pose a problem but I favor SP or HP bullets with mine. I don't have a real good way to measure the exact length only guessing by inserting a dummy round left long and Sharpie-ing the bullet to look for engagement marks. (I oft wonder how someone can say they seat their bullets .XXX" off the lands when I can never find bullets that are that consistent)

I can however try to give you a measurement of the total available space in the mag once I get up and moving this morning. Both calipers are in the shop 40 yds away and I'm still working one my first cup of coffee.

I hope you enjoy your 527 as much as I do mine. Mine is a 2004 vintage and still makes me smile.
Thanks for the help. I have a hornady chamber length gauge and 222 case to fit it for another 222 that I can measure once rifle is here. But the magazine length will help greatly and give me a good idea of where to start. May I ask what you have found your 527 likes in regards to powder and bullets? With you would rather not post your loads here you are welcome to message me.


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