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Alan Aronstein

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5mm Rifles

I plan to meet with several Rifle Manufactures at the SHOT Show. I hope tp convince them to make NEW rifles in 5mm RF. That would help to make the supply of 5mm Ammunition available on a regular basis. I think that Aguila got the current production out the door at a fair price on a spot run as opposed to a standard production run !!! The longer the run there is a "Possibly" of lowering the prices. However, I personally think they took a short profit on these ??? Also, I remember when the 591 and 592 came out that they sold VERY fast. I was working as a dealer salesman at a Large Remington Distributor. I also remember that Remington instantly recalled ALL!!! of them to have the extractors replaced. Any thoughts on NEW rifles ?? - Alan Aronstein
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