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You might try a Ruger specific forum. There are a few on the net. U Tube as well.
That said, while I never shot the lite, we had one for sale at our shop for 6 mos or so so I got to handle it regularly. It took a while to sell so the shop owner did not replace it. Here are my thoughts based on that experience and my ownership of several 10/22's including a standard TD model:

- Price. They are allot more money for unknown step ( up or down?) in performance.
- Cosmetically, the stock was nice but I thought the barrel ugly and wondered about finish durability. (We had a green one and the finish looked cheesy IMHO)
-Weight: They are within 2 oz of a regular tapered (threaded) barrel model.
-Accuracy: From what little I've seen on the net, the Lite barrel does not shoot any better than the tapered steel barrels. In my own experience the TD is not a target gun ( nor are any stock 10/22's for that matter)but is accurate enough for plinking and hunting within 75 yds or so if you do your part. If I wanted more accuracy out of my take down, I'd likely look to an aftermarket barrel ( or most likely a different rifle as I'm not a big fan of putting $300 in parts into a $300 rifle to get it to shoot like a $400 rifle).
FWIW, when I want accuracy, I go past even my tricked out 10/22's and reach for a CZ bolt gun.

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