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I got the same non response

On the new Target Lite. Actually when I posted pictures there was some response . They called it fugly.

The ultra light barrels seem to be the barrier. Or the word new.

Anyways my Target Lite is back at the factory , as it shot low and I mean way low . 6 inches low at 50 yards with the scope at the stops.

Needless to say I am not too impressed with Rugers version of the tensioned barrel.

My take on your question, is yes they are pretty. But also pretty expensive.

It is a take down, and it will never be a bench gun , so why bother. When a regular takedown is 1/2 the price and just as much fun. And your still going to buy a better trigger, and maybe a better stock,

I have a stainless takedown in a plastic stock with a Bx Trigger and a trs 25 red dot and I swapped the iron sights for fire sights. And bunch of bx 25 magazines. It all fits into the takedown bag. And sits in my car waiting to go to . Itís a gas to shoot, share with friends and burn up cheap ammo. It shoots minute of pop can and is a good squirrel gun. But itís no bench gun. Iím happy with what I have , but spending twice as much , so it would be prettier doesnít appeal to me.
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