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Originally Posted by XavierBK View Post
Has anyone had any experience running subsonic ammo in their suppressed M4-22?

I only just picked one up recently, fired enough to get sighted in and then took it to an Appleseed event. I feel I could have scored distinguished if I wasn't fighting with failures. I think most came from the bolt not fully cycling which caused failures in stripping rounds from the mag.

I was running Remington Subsonic ammo at the time just because I had a case of it.

I'm picking up some Eley semi-auto stuff to try and see if I have better results.

I had a similar issue. Not sure how old your is but I called tippmann arms and after trying somethings they suggested I got an email number and sent it back to them. They pretty much rebuilt my rifle for me at no cost. Might be worth a phone call

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