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I had some similar feeding problems when I started out. Are you using subsonic ammo? My first 100 rounds were all CCI subsonics, and I had the exact same misfeed. I haven't had that happen since I switched away from that ammo, though I can't say whether it's the ammo's fault, my fault loading the magazine, or just the gun needing some break-in time.

Whatever the issue was, I went from 4-5 misfeeds in 100 rounds, to zero malfunctions in 300+ rounds since.

Side note, it's much easier to just drop the bottom plate off the magazine than mess with trying to pull the cartridge out once it's stuck. I spent much too long trying to pull the round out, or getting it back into place, and ended up flipping around several more rounds in the magazine. Taking out the spring and mag follower took less than 5 minutes the first time I did it, probably under 2 now that I know how to do it.
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