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Tippman Micro Elite first outing.

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25yds rested for Romeo 5 sight-in. First round didnít fully chamber... forward bolt assist tap. After that, all 25 minimags cycled perfectly and the first 3 shots went into the same hole. Took several windage and elevation adjustments and got it on bullseye. Then collimated the irons to the red dot and put a single round on smallest steel. No prob there.

Affixed the Spectre 2 and loaded with CCI SV ammo and rotated to 75 yd steel. Took off ears. Hit every single plate (6), the rightmost being a 1Ē custom made AR500 swinger on a chain. Never missed for 25 shots. Rested on a top quality pistol rest with good mag clearance. No malfunctions or further short feeds.

Not as quiet as my bolt guns suppressed but pleasant to the ears for sure.

Only gripe is the trigger is a bit heavy, but breaks clean. Looking at 2 stage options. Would love to use my Larue MBT but I hear there might be some issues. The latest Tippman incarcerations are supposed to be fully milspec compatible, so will see.
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