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Originally Posted by toppkatt View Post
An update, I received the trigger and installed it with little issues (just remember to tighten the set screws under the hammer springs after you insert the trigger and hammer pins and you're golden:-) ). The safety worked fine with no issue and no need to shorten anything.
Also to the member who asked about the Timney trigger, it is a 'unitized' construct, meaning the trigger, disconnector, hammer and hammer spring are inserted as a unit ( two plates with pins hold the parts together). AFA the two stage goes, you just have to try it to feel the difference. The two stage has two parts to the sear release which allows a 4 pound pull but broken down to 2, two pound legs. The first stage is two pounds and you hit a 'wall' then by continuing to apply two more pounds the second stage lets the sear go with no creep or over travel. For target shooting it is great.
Buy the Timney with confidence, but the LaRue MBT won't fit or work well without major surgery.

Hope this helps! For the record, the original trigger is a single stage and is not bad, but for target shooting I prefer a 2 stage. While the original did not feel gritty or overly heavy it WAS very long uptake before release and there was some over-travel when the sear released.
I have a Larue MBT and was thinking about using it on my Tippman micro Elite... could you tell me what problems I should expect and how they would be remedied?
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