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I went through 3 NIB Tippman Elite pistols at the LGS and could not find one that didn’t have bolt bind in the upper. I ended up buying his floor model because that one was perfect. Got a 10% discount for the floor model and another 10% first responder discount. Very happy to be out the door for under 5 bills. Shoots great. My best advice is take some 600 grit sandpaper and polish all the engagement surfaces of the bolt where it rides through the upper. Also make sure you don’t have lead buildup in the chamber... common with bare lead ammo and suppressor use. If that doesn’t work, you may have to contact Tippman. The dealer I got it from was planning on returning all three samples I checked out. Another trick I learned dealing with the match chamber on a Sw 41 is to make sure no lead in chamber, and put a small drop of oil on the brass of first round showing in the mag.

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