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1:8 twist barrel liner in a Remington 521T

I have a good supply of the 60 gr. .22 Long Rifle ammunition. I quickly discovered it would not stay stable, pointy end first, in my rifles. One would do almost ok, but only at short range. So I had a gunsmith get a 1:8 twist barrel liner for a Remington 521T rifle and it shoots these heavy for caliber bullets very well. And the standard 40 gr. bullets shoot well also.

I guess if I had to go to minimalist survival conditions it might be the rifle and ammo to have. This bullet has a lot of penetrating ability and put in the right place would kill anything I am likely to bump into in the New England woods. But such are the day dreams that help us gun people justify what we buy and what we do. It is not legal for deer, but would serve a poacher very well.
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