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Miracle gun

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At the club practicing with my Tippman Elite rifle. I was shooting at 50 meters. Had a 8" round metal plate suspended between two rods Shooting fair ???????
A friend down a couple benches was practicing for up coming small bore silhouette match ( which he wins most matches ) He had a chicken & pig swingers set at 40 & 50 meters. I walked down and asked if I could shoot at the chicken. He looked at my rifle and said why don`t you try the pig its bigger. Made sense to me I might hit it once.
1st shot I hear over my shoulder you hit it, as I see the pig swing. 2nd shot I hit. 3rd shot I hit Now my friend joins in with his bolt action. We both hit. 4th we both hit. 5th we both hit. And here comes those famous word we have all said, I quit.
I floated back down to my bench. I could not do that if I live another 77 years. Miracle day at the range,

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