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As stated above, there is no real simple answer with slings. I have my preferences as do most people, but there are many different types of slings and ways to mount them.

The Tippman doesn't have a front sling mount. The easiest way to get a sling mounted IMO is to get a M-Lok QD (quick detach for push button sling swivels) mount for the handguard such as one made by Magpul or Arisaka. You can then get a QD swivel for your sling and mount it that way.

The plate on the back of the receiver is one place to mount the sling at the rear, but I prefer it to be mounted to the rear portion of the stock. I changed my stock out for one with a built in QD mount.

I second looking into Appleseed. They are a great way to learn the basics of shooting and using a sling. It's also not just for beginners as you can learn something new every time you go.

If you show us what sling you bought, maybe we can help you with how to mount it. Magpul has a lot of how to videos on their website for sling mounting that can help a lot, even if it's a different brand of sling.
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