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Well I got to the range today to see how my 10/22 will shoot after installing the Boyd's Spike Camp laminated stock and the Volquartsen Target Hammer Kit. The stock is a vast improvement over the basic Ruger black polymer. The receiver fit in perfectly. The thumbhole grip is very comfortable and the raised comb is just right for a good cheek weld with a scope.
Now we get to the bad news. I started out shooting SK Flat Nose target 1070 fps and the trigger pull with the Volquartsen was a huge improvement over the stock trigger but when I pulled the trigger for the second shot....nothing. Thought I had a FTF or something so I cycled the bolt and ejected a live round so tried again. Fired normally, ejected empty case, pulled trigger nothing again. Now I'm thinking the match ammo won't work for some reason but the same with the whole 10 round mag. Then loaded up HV ammo and the results were the same. Now it occurs to me I might have screwed up the new hammer installation so I pulled the action out of the stock and removed the trigger group and finally figured out the trigger was not resetting all the way forward when I released it to take the next shot. But when I cycled the bolt manually after releasing the trigger the trigger would reset, I guess the manually cycling action gave the trigger enough OOMPH to reset.
I got it home and pulled apart the trigger group and took out the lighter trigger reset spring that came in the Volquartsen kit and reinstalled the stock spring. I also made sure I had the sear and disconnector spring installed correctly. Now everything seems to be back to normal at least when I dry fired about 30 times and the Volquartsen hammer still gives a great trigger pull. I'm keeping my fingers crossed next time I shoot the darned thing it works!!
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