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Hopefully I'm not violating any forum rules by tagging on to this post, but I think there's sufficient crossover to be relevant.

I have a Tippmann M4-22 Elite and Rifle, very pleased with both, especially because they cycle any ammo I've ever tried. Reported my first complaint on this forum earlier this year, that extracting a live round with the charging handle almost never worked. Tippmann warranty service dealt with that by sending me two new bolts, supposedly redesigned. Neither one solved the problem, so I sent in the Elite and they returned it after finding the barrel out of spec, updated the bolt to the newest design, and updated the buffer assembly. Unfortunately, the problem still hasn't been fixed.

Recently installed a Magpul BAD device on each firearm. Love them, except that the one on the rifle won't allow the last round function to lock the bolt open when firing. If I insert an empty mag and open the bolt with the charging handle, it locks the bolt back and releases as designed with the BAD.

I understand that Tippmann isn't responsible for how aftermarket additions function on their firearms, and that the BAD wasn't designed for .22 LR versions of AR-15 designs, but the users of this forum really helped me with these earlier issues, and I learned that I need not worry that Tippman warranty service won't continue to support me.

I'm also having a mag problem, in that the internal mag binds up in the outer shell when removing or installing it. If any one can suggest a way to fix that, thanks in advance.

W.H. McIntosh
LtCol USAF (Ret)
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