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New Micro Elite Owner 1st range day issues

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Hello all. Brand new M4-22 Micro Elite Owner. Took her down, cleaned, lubed and headed to the range with 100 rounds of cci mini mags. first half of the box went bang every time. 2nd half not so much. it started going click. Light primer strikes. Also the trigger started sticking and not resetting. Also the bolt started not going fully into battery. Checked the infamous youtube video Tippman has and the only thing they suggest about the light strikes is the buffer tube not fully threaded in. Mine seems to be fine. just a millimeter shy of flush with the lower. I did bring her home and did another cleaning and the action seems smoother, the trigger doesn't seem to be sticking. Hopefully just some new gun jitters.

All that being said, looking for suggestions on a few things

Ammo that has performed best in the m4-22 pistols
Where to lube, how much and what kind
Any suggestions on things to check to get rid of my 1st day issues.

thanks all in advance for your help.
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