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Problem with factory J frame rear sight blade

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I have a5inch barrel model 63-4 8 shot revolver. I don't like the rear sights blade height as it is too short and therefore the notch is also shallow. What I need is a taller blade (or slide) with a deeper notch. I see in Brownells they have these rear sight kits for S&W of different heights like .126", .146" and .160" but these are matched up for the larger K, l and N framed guns My J frame coms with the .086" height slide. So will the higher height blades still fit my J framed rear sight holder? Has anyone had this problem? Its difficult for me to attain a proper level match of the front sight blade to the rear blade edge with it being so shallow a notch. Also those kits come with a new windage screw that's slightly larger (.217" I diameter than my older windage screw of .187". I don't know what I can do at this point. I don't want to file deeper on my original as the notch is almost at the bottom of the holder. I also know I may have to replace the pinned front sight blade to a slightly higher one if I do get a higher rear sight blade. I found one of those in Midway so no problem there.Help Anyone ??

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