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Model 62 info

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Hello, this is my first post. Let me first thank any and all who take the time to read and or respond.
I was given a pump action .22 Rossi by my Uncle who is 86.
A generic search of the rifle leads me to believe that it's model 62(a/sa?)
The first stamp on the barrel reads " 22 Short - Long OR Long Rifle" at mid barrel on the left is stamped " Amadeo Rossi & CIH" opposite side is stamped " Made In Brazil" and also " Firearms Int'l Corp Washington,D.C."
Could not locate a model # stamp
The serial number is ridiculously low and is 5 digits total starting as "G00***"
I do not wish to sell this rifle. I am however trying gauge its mfg year info.
I want to have rifle refinished and put back to use for my boy who developed a bond with my elderly Uncle.
Any help the forum could assist me with is greatly appreciated and I thank you all once again.
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