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I am sort of at a toss up between the Win 52 and PTG match reamers. This is a mag fed bolt action - and I think the chamber needs a wider mouth so it loads reliably. I have this feeling that a Lilja or Eley chamber are a single-load proposition unless I could flare out the chamber mouth a bit.

I drew them out on CAD to take a look-see what would happen with the 0.219/0.2235" bore/groove dimensions of these Marlin barrels. The main difference I see between the two is that the PTG chamber runs the bullet driving bands into the rifling only to the end of the throat but not actually up into the bore. The Win 52 chamber heavily engraves the bullet past the throat into the full bore diameter rifling.

I think I need to pull a bullet and do an experiment to see just how hard it will be to close the bolt if you have to fully shove a bullet all the way past the throat up into the rifling. I am not sure if the Marlin bolt is up to the task.

I would appreciate your comments on bolt closing effort with the Win 52 vs other match chambers you have tried.

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