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Quick Range Report: Weatherby XXII .17HMR

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I got a chance to get out to the range for a very short session yesterday and I'm very impressed with the accuracy of this rifle so far. I only had time to shoot a few groups at 25 yards, but I wanted to at least shoot it this past weekend since I won't have another chance for a few weeks.

Two groups of 4 shots, Hornady VMAX 17 gr at 25 yards on a bench rest resulted in two ragged holes. It shoots about 1" low & 1/2" left. I made a minor scope adjustment for windage on the second (top) group & brought over about 1/4" but I'm going to leave the scope alone for now since I'm leaning towards putting a scope with much higher magnification on her. BTW, the trigger is straight factory and is excellent as is, but I suspect a spring kit will make that even better. What a fine rifle.

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