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Back in the rimfire game . . . in a big way!

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My daughter recently conducted an intervention on my centerfire addition, giving me no end of a talking to about how I liquidated her late grandfather's rimfire collection 15 years ago. But after the holiday break from work, I'm happy to say we're back in the rimfire game in a big way:

1) 1968 Marlin Model 60. Used my C&R to have it delivered right to the house. 22" barrel and in really excellent shape. This is the nicest on on the bunch

2) 2013 Marlin Model 60. Not C&R. But for the price I paid, I could afford shipping and transfer fee. 18" barrel(?) and has seen some use, but it's not bad. Missing the sights. Still in nice shape though.

3) 1966 Marlin Model 81. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy my C&R license. The seller said this rifle was refinished. Wood and metal are good to very good with some very light scratches. 22" barrel.

I purchased off GunBroker, as Armslist, gun and pawn shop prices are out of sight in my area. When folks start by pricing their used rifle way above retail on a new rifle, I don't even bother wasting my time and gas. Yes I know I can talk them down, but not enough. I'm happy with all three purchases, with my net coming in at right around $135 each after shipping and transfer.

The two Model 60s came with glass, but it was really bad stuff -- unusably bad. One had a Tasco 4x15 you couldn't hardly see through. The other had a Weaver C6 that didn't have anywhere near enough eye relief. I'm in the process of replacing the glass on both with some low end Barska units I picked up on a closeout. All I can say is that they are worlds better. Hopefully they don't fall apart.

The Model 81 will be getting better glass, but still lower end: a Bushnell Banner 4-12x40 AO. I expect this might be a touch too much magnification, but I was a screaming deal on closeout. I can always swap it for the glass from one of my other rifles if I need to.

Eventually I expect my centerfire addition will relapse, and I'll probably sell one or two of my new purchases. But in the meantime, it's good to be back in the rimfire game.

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